Welcome to The YBNL College

Praecessi Vere Veritas - Results Tell The Truth

We get results

This results-driven education uses exercises and experiences to increase access to our intuition. We do not debate theories; we test them in real-world situations. Graduates gain intuitive skills that increase their situational awareness, in every circumstance.

College classes are completed at your own pace, according your schedule and speed. As you progress, faculty and community are here to answer your questions and encourage your advancement.

Our student code of conduct does not allow trolling or other distractive behavior. We are a safe space for personal growth!

Why here?

Because "here" is anywhere, anytime. You can do this training from the comfort of your own home, on desktop, tablet or handheld device. 


The YBNL College is a support system to help you succeed in your studies. This mystery school is split into semesters that include both core and elective classes, activity feeds, group chat, private messaging and also group events, including regular Zoom meetings. We are a campus!


During our Grand Opening (through April 2022), all first semester classes and rooms are included in the registration fee. If you are in a country that does not have Stripe (for payment), you may use Venmo, Paypal or Zelle. Simply email [email protected] for instructions. I'm looking forward to seeing you inside!

Brian Snyder, Founder of YBNL

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