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Your Body Never Lies ~ Praecessi Vere Veritas ~ Results Tell The Truth

From the founder

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Beneath our struggles, stresses and suffering lies an abundance of joy, connection and unlimited possibilities, all waiting to be revealed.

The 'Your Body Never Lies' method is body language training that reclaims that freedom. The self-care training is simple, and mostly easy. The classes build upon each other in unexpected ways until a new ability to release stress is revealed. The entire method is laid out in the First Semester's flagship class, The YBNL Playshop. Continuing your education through the semesters will increase the breadth of your effectiveness with the method as you add new details and new perspectives. 

Elevate your baseline to Joy

By practicing the exercises to comfort, you will learn to quickly and permanently dissipate any heaviness in old memories as they arise. As our stresses and traumas become lighter, their ability to suppress or depress us diminishes, revealing an inextinguishable inner joy that has always existed.

Let's find that Joy

From an inner joy-of-life we learn to connect with others in more meaningful and also subtler ways, improving fundamental aspects of being: understanding, empathy, & lovingness. Further studies reveal the value and depth of those basics, empowering our intuition and perceptions. The accomplishment is a sense of Unity beyond division.

First though, let's end our body's need to replay stresses and traumas long-gone. Let's uncover that joy!

Results Tell the Truth

YBNL is technical spiritual training that relies on results for self-education. Through solo exercises, you'll learn new options and choices that can make life and living far more joyous.

Because the education is based on experience, there is no teacher to impress for advancement, and optional testing is only for confirmation. You will know when you "get it" by the results: when you have control of your inner voice, when you feel the connection and love that the Universe has for you, and when you notice that your intentions are impacting the world around you, you will know. 

The proven methods in First Semester give you tools and techniques to more fully 'be here now.' This is achieved organically by practicing the skills in The YBNL Playshop (class 102). It is by results that we learn. Results tell the truth.

Everything we learn in YBNL can be used to create win-win success in any area of life; the education is fundamental and can be applied to any activity, endeavor or field of work.

Coaching & Tutoring

While the classes themselves are solo or self-care, the campus exists as the support crew to answer your questions and encourage your advancement. 

Any difficulties or questions may be posted to class activity feeds or to faculty offices, or by private message. Interactions with faculty are included in tuition.

Optional Study Hall, which has scheduled Zoom meetings and Livestreaming on-demand, is available by subscription to speed your studies ($108/month). For most students in Study Hall, first semester takes one month to complete at 4-5 hours/week, and second semester will take two months.

Registration & Scholarships

Registration and tuition at The YBNL College is evergreen, meaning that it is both forever and ever-evolving. Paid semester plans have new classes added at no charge.

If you are seeking a scholarship or tuition reduction, register to get on campus and visit the Ombudsman's office for application. No one is turned away for lack of funds.

If you have difficulties with payments or otherwise can't get in, or if you have any questions, use the contact form at YourBodyNeverLies.org to send us a note.

I'm looking forward to seeing you on this adventure,